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5 Easy To Fix Mistakes Every Real Estate Blogger Makes

If you've read anything I've written about SEO, then you know that I'd love for you to simplify it.  There's so many gurus, and suggestions that you can spend a week learning about something like featured snippets and leave the rest of your efforts lacking.   That being said there's some "low hanging fruit" for most bloggers on Active Rain and well, pretty much any website I see, especially real estate bloggers.  So here's 5 Easy To Fix Mistakes Every Real Estate Blogger Makes

Having A "Target" And A "Title"

When we covered the The Most Common SEO Mistakes The Small Business Owners Make, we talked about how over 60% of Titles are poorly written!   There's really no reason to have excruciatingly long titles or no title at all. It's likely the most important thing on the page.  In addition, you need to have a "purpose" for writing the content.  What's your target?   If you can figure out your target (whether that's a group of keywords or your chosen "avatar" ) then you can use your title intentionally.

Example Of Title and Meta DescriptionYour blog title is the "call to action" for your page when displayed on Google.  (If you'd like to get a list of top blog topics, listen to 4rd Marketing Podcast Episode 02)

Having A Proper Description

Another overlooked item is the meta description.  This is the only "meta" that still gets used.  Your meta description is the 2nd unbolded text right under the title.  This is valuable real estate to be selling your unique selling proposition.   If you have these 2 mastered,  you'll be ahead of many fellow real estate agents, but you'll need more than that to win the real estate seo game.   

No Inner Linking Strategy

Some bloggers think if they write it, people will find them.  Others read articles about links but forget about their own site.   Before we talk about the benefits and how to fix it, lets talk about what I mean.

If you take a look at my blog post, "My 5 Most Popular Blog Posts on ActiveRain"  - this is basically a concerted effort to link to my blog posts.  Just like if I put a link here to my, "What Irma Impact Could Mean For Atlanta"  would be innerlinking.  

To put it simply, inner-linking is linking to YOUR content from Your Content.

There's several reasons you'd want to do this, but here's 2:

  1. It allows Google to see it easier - think about it - if you don't link to yourself, who will.  Most of your content gets buried in a "archive" page if you're using wordpress.  Keep your best content relevant by linking to it and reminding Google about it (when they crawl). 
  2. It allows users/readers/buyers/sellers to see your content more easily - for the same "SEO" reason that you'd link to your content, you'd want potential clients to see your best content, you should link to it. 

Short/Poor Content

As I type this out I can see my word count.  Activerain makes it really easy to avoid the 5 Easy To Fix Mistakes Every Real Estate Blogger Makes.  If you're writing 200 words or less, consider grouping posts together or go deeper in your content.  Don't add filler, if you can only write 200 words about something consider a social media post instead.  At this point it's going to be buried by the mountain of content that gets put out there and no one will ever see it. 


That sums it up.  Surprisingly, the most common mistakes are mostly just writing 101.  Have a clear purpose (know your reader aka Target), a clear title, clear description and write enough about your subject.  Finally, link to your other work.  Bonus tip:  Link to your friends, but not competitors.  So for example, I wouldn't give Zillow a link to anything in Atlanta, but I might write about homes for sale in Novi MI and give my friend Mike Perna a link.   Don't go overboard with the links because essentially every link divides their power by their number.  So that's it, the 5 Easy To Fix Mistakes Every Real Estate Blogger Makes.


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In addition, Joshua runs 4rd Marketing - a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO as well as wordpress development.


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