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Top 3 Suburbs of Atlanta For Relocation

It's a bit awkward title but how else do you say "the top 3 suburbs people relocate to in Atlanta Metro?"  I wanted to avoid "people" in the title.  

When you look at Google Searches there are 3 top cities that are routinely picked above all the others after Atlanta and I wanted to have a look at them. 

When someone is relocating to Atlanta, what cities do they consider?

No. 1 - Alpharetta, GA

Everyone's favorite spot is Alpharetta.  While prices are high (some of the highest in the state), Alpharetta has managed to weather the economy.   What was formerly a city full of horses and farms is now a bustling commercial city with estate style homes.  When the Windward subdivision landed in Alpharetta it really changed the landscape and allowed it to be the powerhouse it is.  In addition, Alpharetta has some of the best parks and best schools in the entire state.

No. 2 - Marietta, GA

People relocating often look at Marietta as a second option.  The reasons are plentiful.  It's my personal opinion that homes for sale in Marietta are the most diverse in terms of styles, lifestyle options and price.  Marietta's growth has been more organic (trying not to say "unplanned").  So you could have a $500 new neighborhood going up in between an industrial area and a $100K neighborhood that's 30 years old.  It has a bit of the city feel without being "in the city."  Marietta shares Alpharetta's options for parks and schools as well. 

No. 3 - Lawrencville, GA

The most affordable real estate on this list.  Lawrenceville offers diversity in lifestyle options that few can compete with all at a price that will entire most relocators.  For less than $200,000 you can live in most of the best schools in the state and be biking distance from one of the best parks in the state.  In addition, you could live in a more rural area and not lose any convenience or perhaps live closer to Atlanta but not take a big dip in school quality.  

These are the top 3 choices and what I love about these three is that they offer something for everyone, whether it's budget conscientious (Lawrenceville), or traffic conscientious (Marietta) or for those with the budget they can have it all (Alpharetta).  Some might notice that this list is exclusive to the north side.  I'll have to tell you take that up with Google.

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