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5 ways to add video to your real estate business in 2018

I think we can all agree that being a real estate agent in 2018 it can be a bit scary. There is low inventory coupled with tech companies just ready to eat your lunch. However, real estate is a relationship business and there’s no reason to be scared if you have a plan. Today I will cover the 5 ways to add video to your business in 2018 and stay ahead of the competition.

5 Video Techniques To Drive Leads

Video is finally mature. It’s been around for a while and some of us (myself included) have been able to reap the rewards of video as early adopters. If you get on video in 2018, you’re not an early adopter. Luckily, you aren’t a laggard either. What I’m about to share with you is an extension of the Future Proof Marketing Plan I mentioned earlier.

To excel in video you have to be consistent. So start with a plan. Make a plan for either 12 videos or 50 videos (or somewhere in between). You can cover the following topics to make your life easy.

1. You’re The Expert, Time For People To Know.

You can do a short video about the local market. Most people do care about the real estate market and if you get real specific most of your clients and potential clients will pay attention. The key isn’t just shooting these videos, it’s sharing them with your “sphere.”

2. How FAQs Generated Over 100 Listings

Remember short sales? For a long while there I was the only one answering questions about them. Answering questions is essentially how google became so popular. They got so good at answering questions that they became this giant. Video overall is good for SEO, but answering questions is great for it.

3. Get Your Client To Lead Generate For you

Alternatively, you could do client testimonials or perhaps interviews. This reminds me of the podcast I just did, but ultimately the client helps you build your credibility and at the same time whatever they say might resonate with other clients.   

This can be particular effective if your client falls into a niche.  Imagine a series of interviews with Pastors if you specialize in churches or retirees if you specialize in retirement communities.

4. What About Listing Videos?

Yes! I know someone is curious! Listing Videos are a great use of video. I think if they are done right they can highlight both you and the home. The challenge is that for most agents, listings aren’t consistent enough to be scheduling videos around. It can also be tiresome. So does it work, yes. Is it hard to maintain, yes. What would be better is…

5.  Neighborhood Videos Are 10X Content For 2018

For a few years, there’s been neighborhood videos. Everything from the shaky camera hanging out a window to high production tourist pieces. This generation wants authenticity but also professionalism from their agent.  Clients love to get a sense of the area and how well you know it.  This is true whether they are looking in a community like Marco Island FL or the hustle and bustle town of Minneapolis

So the way to do a video would be something in between the shaky phone and the high production. A sample script might be some pans of the amenities, pan of the street with a full shot of you talking in front the neighborhood marquee. This will require a lapel mic as well as a decent video editor.

If you comment on this post with the request, I’ll do another post on how to do it with some examples.

If you’re reading this and think it looks somewhat familiar, you’d be right, as we talked about this on the top topics for blogging. Ideally, you’d do this as a live video as mentioned in the future proofing podcast, but if not that’s fine. The point is to jump on video now.

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