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New FREE Real Estate Lead Generation Website

You might be asking yourself, why do we need yet another website with our real estate information on it?   This site claims to be a bit different in that it's not a tech company trying to do real estate or a real estate agent trying to do tech.  It's a tech person who was a real estate agent who now only does this. 

Real Estate Agents Near might not be the most creative name but it does get the point across.  I was able to email the owner and there is a nice roadmap for this site.  Similar to probably the same thoughts that launched active rain back in the day. 

Real Estate Directory First

Right now it's a real estate directory.   It's being optimized for searches in local areas for real estate agents, complete with Schema markup and Google My Business citation signals, built right in.  

Here's the kicker!  It's not only free but you get a free backlink (for SEO) along with the citation (great for local SEO).   In addition, there is no referral fee for the leads that come off the site.   The site has some premium options but to be honest I can't tell too much difference.  The owner said he set that up for the future, but if you want to be early support you can! 

Stage 2:  Digital Marketing Education

The owner says once he's got about 1,000 members he'll launch the education platform.  It'll be everything you need to know to do your own digital marketing.   This will be free to all premium members.

Stage 3:  (Currently in Development) - Real Estate App

Although there are other real estate agent apps out there, the owner envisions an almost uber like an option for consumers.  While that might be a bit of a turn-off, the big difference here is that he's planning to launch the app without any referral fees or exorbitant costs.   Making it a win/win. 

Why You Want To Be In A Real Estate Directory?

I did a big write up on Local SEO before but let's cover the basics.   There are three main reasons for putting your information in a directory. 

  1. To be found by consumers
  2. To be found by Google (getting a backlink)
  3. To boost your local SEO (aka your Google My Business Ranking). 

To Be Found By Consumers

This is pretty straight forward.  The more sites you are on the more likely a consumer can find you.  If they see you everywhere they might use you.  Frankly, this very site (Active Rain) is like a directory in that regard.  It takes all of 5 minutes to create an account on most directories making it worth it immediately if you get 1 lead off it. 

To Be Found By Google

If you want to rank in SEO, you need LINKS, good content and good technical SEO tactics.  The content is up to you and more than likely your technical SEO is automated for you... that leaves you with links get.   You could go to Fiverr and spam your site into oblivion or you could get free links from directories.  Now, these kind of links aren't as good as maybe one from Forbes, but they can often help your site move up the rankings slightly.   In the game of real estate SEO, every link counts. 

To Boost Your Local SEO

This is the real reason to make sure you're in a directory.   A directory that is properly set up will send Google a "signal" known as a citation and that boost your Google My Business listing.  When someone searches Real Estate Agents Near Me, they'll get localized map searches from Google My Business.  In order to rank in this search, you need to have an office close to the searchers, have a complete profile,  have some reviews and have citations or directory listings.  It's much harder to "game" these local listings than typical real estate searches. 





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In addition, Joshua runs 4rd Marketing - a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO as well as wordpress development.


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