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Why Real Estate Agents Should Be Blogging, Vlogging or Podcasting

If you've been on activerain in the past you've seen a bunch of these kind of posts and while what I am going to tell you might be a bit of a repeat, it's 2017 and I still don't see anyone really doing any of this.  In fact, every week I routinely have to question real estate agents... "do you really want to be online?"  

Let's clear the air.  Some of you reading this should give up.  I'm not calling you out to say you're bad at marketing or online stuff and I'm not trying to shame you into buying something from me.  No, sometimes you need to say no to something really good so you can be great.

I'm not preaching AT you, in fact, I made this decision myself.  For 15 years I did real estate and was an awful web developer.  I got to a point because of where the digital marketing landscape that caused me to choose.  I had to decide whether to give up my chase for online leads (the very thing that had provided 80% of my business for 15 years) or give up real estate.  So I chose doing digital marketing full time. 

The point is that you should be OK saying... "you know what, I don't do online leads."  It's actually quite freeing.  I used to say the same thing about FSBO and Expired lists.  "I don't call them."  Now that may mean I'm not going to be on any platforms but so be it. 

So you might be asking, what does this have to do with blogging, vlogging and podcasting?  

Well if you are going to be online, you pretty much have to!  In my latest podcast I cover Why Real Estate Agents Should Be Blogging, Vlogging or Podcasting!   Let's go through a quick list of questions that will help see if you are qualified before you start talking yourself out of it.

  • Who knows more about real estate in your area?  (ex. who knows more than you about real estate in Detroit)
  • Who is more passionate about real estate than you?
  • Who wants to help people more than you in real estate?

Now you might go through these and find out that you aren't qualified.  That's ok, you just need to find out what you ARE passionate about.  Just don't follow my example and wait 7 years to make a change! 

So why blog, vlog and podcast? 

1.  Blogging, Vlogging and Podcasting give you credibility

If only one person reads it or listens that one person has "bonded" with your content and through it they have bonded with you.   You've gained credibility.  That same power that this content has over our youth of today can have the very same influence over your customer.  I might be thinking faster than I'm typing --- I'm talking about influence here. Media influences people and so therefore you should be using media to influence customers. 

Real Estate Agents Should Blog2. It allows you to master your craft

They say that if you want to really learn a subject you should teach it.  When you force yourself to produce content around these subjects you pick up on things and become a master at what you do. 

3. Blogging, Vlogging and Podcasting Drive Sales

Ultimately, everything you spend time on should have an ROI (return on investment) and this activity is one that pays off with big dividends, but not immediately.  It will happen slowly over time and the whole time it'll be slowly lifting all of your business as you create a bit of a buzz around yourself. 

4. The leads you get are more qualified

I don't mean they can get a loan, I mean they've listened to your content and decided to work with you.  Your zillow leads don't do that, your sign calls don't do that, your referrals don't do that, nope, only online can someone watch 8 hours of your content and decide to use you.  

5.  Links! 

As a (now) Atlanta SEO Consultant, I can tell you LINKS MATTER!  In fact, they might be the most important thing (don't go crazy).  You will get link opportunities and I'm not just talking about the electronic kind.  You can use this content often to connect (link up!) with other humans!  It's great. What if you had a podcast about Davenport FL Real Estate and you connected with a real estate agent for referrals (as well as electronic links) to Richardson TX real estate?  

Are you convinced yet?

What should you "talk" about on you blog, vlog, podcast?

Glad you asked!  I happen to have covered the top bloggin topics that drive traffic  on my podcast, you can visit it here.

How can I start?

Easy!  You're on active rain, start here!   If you'd like to start vloggin or podcasting, message me I'm happy to share what I use to get started.  Here's a hint for vlogging - you only need a phone!  Even my son does it (he's 12)! 


What about you?  What did I leave out?


4rd Marketing PodcastA 15 year veteran of Atlanta Real Estate, Joshua Jarvis is the host of 4rd Marketing Podcast - A podcast designed to help small business owners (this means Real Estate Agents) grow their business by implementing the latest in real estate SEO, local seo, digital marketing techniques and strategies.  

In addition, Joshua runs 4rd Marketing - a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO as well as wordpress development.


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